The Arts

Pixie Hill offers many outlets for students’ overflowing creativity.  At our school, budding artists explore Art in a variety of mediums.  

Visual arts

During daily table time, our students engage in theme-based art projects. Students use paint, chalk, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, glue, scissors, glitter, stencils, stickers, sand, and much more! You will enjoy these treasures!


Music and rhymes are wonderful for literacy development. We sing songs, play rhythm instruments and dance with scarves. Our children learn how much fun music is and share it with their parents at family celebrations. Get your video cameras ready!

Dramatic Play

Daily free choice time and outside playtime are filled with imaginative play. Students use dress-up outfits, puppets, play kitchen, grocery store, dolls, trains and much more!  Dramatic play is changed out once a month and related to a weekly theme. We start the year with our very own apple orchard where Pixies can pick and sort apples, sell them at the local stand and create checklists of supplies and orders. Dramatic play is essential to encouraging imagination. Outside in the yard Pixies enjoy building fairy gardens, digging for treasure in the sandbox, playing rescue games on the toy ambulance and gassing up their cars and bikes.