Social Studies

Our Second Step program promotes: success in the early learning setting, school readiness and social and life success. The program directly teaches children the skills that strengthen their ability to learn, make friends, have empathy, solve problems and manage emotions. The diversity of our world and the people in it enrich our learning at Pixie Hill. Our teachers encourage compassion. 

Social Skills

Social skills are at the forefront of each and every day here at Pixie. Teaching explicit social skills to our students is a vital part of our daily routines. Through stories, feeling babies, dramatic play and teachable moments, we consistently focus on and practice age appropriate interactions. Daily free choice time allows children to practice social skills through play with their peers.

We use Kelso’s Choice as a conflict management curriculum. It helps teach our students ways to solve small problems and when to seek adult help for larger problems. 

World Cultures

From music to literature to counting in different languages, our school encourages a love and appreciation for the richness of all cultures. We love to invite Pixie families to share their family culture and traditions with us. 

Family Ties

Our alum families cherish the memories made during our Pixie traditions such as our students’ birthdays, the Dad’s (and Grandpa’s) Pumpkin Carving or the moms and grandmas at the Mother’s Day Tea. Social events culminate in a musical program presented by the Pixies.

Jobs and Careers

We have visits from local police officers and firefighters, introduce our community library and visit a local elementary school to culminate our pre-k year.  If you have a job or hobby that you would like to share with our students we would love to schedule your visit to the classroom.