Science & Nature

Pixie Hill Preschool’s unique backyard setting affords students an opportunity to value and become aware of nature.  Our curriculum themes during the year reflect children’s innate fascination and desire to explore using their 5 senses. At Pixie Hill, teachers offer science and nature learning both inside and outside the school classroom.  Sensory table activities and simple experiments invite our budding scientists to discover.

Plants & Trees

Our towering maple tree on the playground provides a nature lesson for all seasons, from changing leaves to bare branches to the explosion of new spring growth.  Rare is the child who misses an opportunity to dig in the soil. Our garden boxes allow children to see their hand-sown seeds mature into vegetable bearing plants.  In the early fall, Pixie students will plant pumpkin seeds and harvest them during Thanksgiving. The grand reward for all is to eat the fruits of their labor! 

Weather & Earth Science

From rocks, mountains and volcanoes to the sun, moon and stars, Pixie kids also learn about things they cannot touch.  Embarking on the Pixie Space Shuttle, complete with astronaut costumes, students can walk on the moon.