Sick Policy

The safety and well-being of our students is our number one priority at Pixie Hill. We do not want our children catching or spreading illnesses at school.  Hence, we ask parents to please keep children at home if they are displaying signs of illness – fever, very runny nose, persistent cough, rash, vomiting, pink eye or diarrhea.  If a child is ill, he most likely will be more comfortable resting at home.

When children come to school ill, they expose other children and our staff to illness.  If children develop symptoms at school, a teacher will give parents a call and request that a child be picked up early.  We appreciate your cooperation on this issue.

Snow Policy

Pixie Hill Preschool follows the Mercer Island School District Snow Day policy.  If the public schools are closed due to bad weather, Pixie Hill will be closed.  If school is delayed for 1-2 hours, Pixie Hill will follow suit.

Two built-in snow days have been scheduled in our school calendar for the year.  (These days are in the spring.)

If school has been canceled for 1-2 days due to snow, school will be held on our “snow days”.  If no snow days have been used, these will be “no school” days.  Our goal is to keep the children in school as much as possible, however, the Pacific Northwest weather can be unpredictable.